Inescapable by Amy A. Bartol

23 Sep

ImageTitle: Inescapable

Author: Amy A. Bartol

Publisher: CreateSpace

Published: August 2011

Pages: 392

My name is Evie Claremont and this was to be the making of me–my freshman year of college. I had been hoping that once I had arrived on Crestwood’s campus, the nightmare that I’ve been having would go away. It hasn’t.

I may be an inexperienced seventeen-year-old, but I’m grounded…sane. Since meeting sophomore Reed Wellington, however, nothing makes any sense. Whenever he is near, I feel an attraction to him–a magnetic kind of force pulling me towards him. I know what you’re thinking…that sounds fairly awesome. Yeah, it would–if he liked me, but Reed acts as if I’m the worst thing that’s ever happened to Crestwood…or him. But, get this, for some reason every time I turn around he’s there, barging into my life.

What is the secret he is keeping from me? I’m hoping that it is anything but what I expect: that he is not exactly normal…and neither am I. So maybe Crestwood won’t be the making of me, but it could be the breaking of me. I have been left to wonder if the dark future my dream is foretelling is…inescapable.

My Rating: 3 stars

My Thoughts:

I’ve read quite a few books about angels and most of them aren’t that original. This one really isn’t that different. Ancient angel. Half-angel. Fallen angels from hell. Silky wings that pop out of nowhere. It’s getting old.

One thing that was done differently in this book was the whole soul mate aspect. Evie, the half-angel, is soul mates with the hot southerner Russell, and they are reincarnated over and over again and always end up together. I definitely like a good soul mate book, but here’s the thing, if they’re soul mates why does Evie fall in love with Reed? I mean, don’t get me wrong I definitely like Reed a million times better than Russell, but I thought it was weird that the whole soul mate thing just became moot point. Speaking of Reed, the thing I loved most about him was he wasn’t the generic guardian angel that is in every angel book, so I do give props to Amy Bartol for that. He was definitely a redeeming factor of this book.

I did enjoy the end of this book because I’m not easily surprised, but I really didn’t see the twist coming that takes place at the end.

I will admit that if I hadn’t read so many angel books, before this one, I may have liked it better but now I just feel like it’s over done. Still, this book was very well written and did have more original aspects than the norm.

 If you enjoy books about angels then I’m sure you will like this one. 


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