Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

29 Oct

ImageTitle: Finale

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick

Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books

Published: October 2012

Pages: 464

Nora is more certain than ever that she is in love with Patch. Fallen angel or no, he is the one for her. Her heritage and destiny may mean they are fated to be enemies, but there is no turning her back on him. Now Nora and Patch must gather their strength to face one last, perilous trial. Old enemies return, new enemies are made, and a friend’s ultimate betrayal threatens the peace Patch and Nora so desperately want. The battle lines are drawn—but which sides are they on? And in the end, are there some obstacles even love can’t conquer?

My Rating: 4 stars

My Thoughts:

This book was a great way to finish off the Hush, Hush series! I loved the other ones but this epic conclusion was by far my favorite!

Nora and Patch are finally together after all the obstacles they have had to overcome, but now they’re on the brink of war between the Nelphilim and the fallen angels. Although in the other books an obstacle like this would have separated them, in this one their complete love, faith, and trust in each other keeps them together. You could tell how their relationship has grown over the last three books and has shaped them into much stronger characters and I must say I loved watching it!

Patch was still the same swoon-worthy, “bad boy,” fallen angel who would do anything, and I mean anything,in order to protect Nora! He’s confident, protective, and caring and all around perfect! Nora was a much stronger person than she had been in the first book and finally trusts Patch completely and knows that he truly would do anything for her happiness and safety!

There were quite a few things that happened in this book that I really didn’t expect (but of course I won’t say them so you’ll just have to read it and find out)! I could never to tell who was on what side or even what side was right or wrong. At times, this book had my heart melting, racing, and breaking! There was constant action, romance, and mystery and I loved every second of it!

Oh and the ending…perfect! It was sooo adorable and sweet! I love, love, loved it! It’s not really a shocker but I just want to say that Nora and Patch certainly do get their happily ever after! : )

If you read and loved the other books in the Hush, Hush series then you definitely won’t be disappointed with this one!!


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