Defiance by Shelly Crane

31 Oct

ImageTitle: Defiance

Author: Shelly Crane

Published: March 2012

Pages: 281 (ebook)

In the third installment of the Significance series, we begin with Maggie and Caleb in the clutches of a new enemy; the Virtuoso council. Not only do they have to deal with the consequences of taking the lives of the Watsons and the council attempting to take Maggie away to keep their precious Visionary safe, but they must deal with Marla as well. All are determined to undermine, control and use Caleb and Maggie’s rare gifts for their own uses, some wish to destroy them entirely. Then Maggie’s father and Bish are threatened but the council forbids the presense of humans. Peter and the family fight and stand beside them every step of the way to save Maggie’s father, to keep Caleb and Maggie together when the corrupted council is so set on keeping them apart and to stop Marla and whatever she has up her sleeve. Then Maggie has the shock of her life when she discovers something about her real father. It may change everything for everyone. Stay tuned as the story continues.

My Rating: 5 stars

My Thoughts:

I’m very happy to say that I loved this book just as much, if not more than, the first two! I’ve said it before but Shelly Crane really knows how to do romance!

This book starts off right where Accordance left off. Maggie and Caleb and the rest of the Jacobson clan are attending the Reunification Ceremony with all the other Ace clans from around the world. Marla and the Watsons are still up to no good and the Virtuoso council is trying to keep Maggie and Caleb apart because she is the Visionary but they aren’t having it!

Maggie and Caleb have been through so much already and in this book its like people are just coming at them left and right! They have been forced apart before only to come to the ceremony where people to try it again! I got so annoyed with the council members who constantly thought they knew what was best for Maggie and Caleb, but obviously nobody could know better than them. Their love and faith in each other was just incredible and heartwarming! I really thought that they couldn’t love each other any more but their relationship just continues to grow stronger and stronger…and a little steamier!

The plot is fast paced and action-packed! You learn a lot more about Maggie’s role as the Visionary and also about the Visionary before her. There are also a couple of plot twists and a discovery concerning Maggie’s real father. Oh yea, you also get to see how everything turns out for Bish and Jen! Overall it was a solid, exciting plot that had me racing for the end and I loved every second of it!

The ending didn’t have a cliffhanger and everything seemed like it was all summed up but then I found out there is a fourth one coming out!! YAY!! I have no idea what it’s going be about but I can’t wait to read more of Maggie and Caleb’s story because it’s definitely become one of my favorite!

If you’re a fan of the Significance series then this sequel is a must, must, MUST read!


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