Summer’s Desire by Olivia Lynde

6 Apr

ImageTitle: Summer’s Desire

Author: Olivia Lynde

Published: March 2013

Pages: ebook

Goodreads Summary:

A girl who has lost her voice, and a boy who carries a world of anger bottled up inside.
A girl haunted by soul-crushing guilt and regret, and a boy who knows he can’t afford the weakness of feeling—not if he is to survive.

Summer and Seth meet by chance and become unlikely friends. In each other, they find a safe haven… and respite from the darkness haunting them both. 
Until they are betrayed.

Can they ever regain their friendship? And if they do, can they trust each other enough to take the biggest risk of all: falling in love?

My Rating: 4 Stars

My Thoughts:

I’ve read quite a lot of stories with the plot friends-to-romance but I must say that this is the best one I have read so far! The writing was wonderful, as where the characters and their passionate story.

The chemistry between Summer and Seth took my breath away! From the very start of the story you get an insight into their childhood, which were both full of overwhelming sorrow. Summer was damaged after seeing both her parents brutally murdered at the age of five and so she was put in foster care where she ended up living with Seth and his grandma. Their friendship was remarkably strong, innocent, and pure. Even at their young age of seven, Seth was fiercely protective if his Sunny and never let any harm come to her. But eventually, they were torn apart from each other.

After years of being apart they met again, but at first it wasn’t same. Both felt a sense of betrayal, thinking the other didn’t try to keep in touch. It was sad to see how hurt they both felt but were too afraid of confronting the other. Of course at the time, they were none the wiser and were unaware of the true reasons. Once they reconciled it was truly beautiful. They picked up right where they left off from when they were kids and their complete trust and love was incredible! Whenever they faced troubles they didn’t lie or hide things from each other, but instead faced them together.

A fair warning is that there were some parts that were pretty graphic because the deaths of Summer’s parents were depicted. That being said it really helped to understand Summer’s character more and the depth of her fear and pain and the cause behind the nightmares that plagued her sleep every night unless she was with Seth.

 Overall this was at times a heartbreaking story but was overshadowed but the heartwarming friendship and romance that Seth and Summer shared!


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