Ageless Sea by M.R. Polish

22 Jul

ImageTitle: Ageless Sea

Author: M.R. Polish

Published: March 2013

Pages: 302 (ebook)

Goodreads Summary:

Life. Love. Death.

Banished for a crime she didn’t commit, Karis must learn to live her life alone – and in a world that’s not her own. Cursed on an island of loneliness, forced to endure nearly a century without a friend, the woman once destined to be Queen must find a way to return to her world and save her people from an evil influence.

After many years, one man is strong enough to survive the cursed barrier that keeps her from leaving the island. She needs him so she can return to her world; he needs her to put together the pieces of his broken memory. Side by side, Brady and Karis feel their loneliness slip away.

Every day their love grows stronger, but will their bond survive the battle between worlds? In Book One of The Ageless Series, M.R. Polish takes readers into a world where myths are real, deception lurks in the shadows, and destiny brings two lost souls together to fight as one.

My Rating: 3.5/4 stars

My Thoughts:

Karis, a princess from an immortal land, has been sentenced to eternity on a deserted island on Earth. Alone. She has had no contact with anyone for close to a hundred years until a stranger named Brady crash-lands on her island. There is an immediate attraction that neither can explain. They soon discover they aren’t much different and that their fate has been tied together since birth.

I loved the chemistry between Karis and Brady and how it felt believable right from the start! Brady really had to face some new realities that would be hard for anyone to deal with, but he accepted and adapted as best as he could for Karis! He was always brave and protective or her but without being overly possessive. Instead, he acknowledged Karis’ strength and power and so they always faced whatever craziness was thrown at them together.

The whole world, or worlds I should say, that this story took place in were amazing and intricate. Ms. Polish took many different elements from the fantasy and supernatural genres and created a handful of different lands with varying landscapes, powers, and people. With so much variety, there was a lot of depth, which allowed the plot to be new, interesting, and most importantly, original.

There was a point in the story where I was wondering where the plot was going, but Ms. Polish did an awesome job at making everything come together in the end! This made the story anything but predictable since I never knew what was going to happen. I love when I find this in a book because often times, I feel I know exactly how everything is going to play out making it a not very fun read. With all that being said, I do have one little complaint about the plot. I think that sometimes the book almost moved along too quickly and I wish some parts or scenes could have been a little more in-depth.

The ending was definitely left open for a sequel but it wasn’t a huge cliffhanger (thank goodness!) and it left me wanting to see where the next installments are going to take Karis and Brady!


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